Next Wave 2012

For the 30th BAM Next Wave Festival I wanted it to be more about mood than any one dominant graphic element. I proposed BAM embrace it’s identity and all of it’s strange intricacies — to break from the notion that in order to be fresh, it must be new.  This attitude weakens the brand.

A brand that is much more than a visual identity. Like all brands, the Next Wave brand is rooted in an experience. And through recent market analysis we’ve discovered there is a profound awareness of the BAM brand within the audience. Research shows the patron sees BAM as edgy, smart, and avant-garde.


This season is a huge landmark, celebrating 30 years in addition to the opening of the first new facility in over 20 years. With the opening of a new performance space, it’s imperative that BAM reflect its mission in its visual communications. As the faces on the stage and in the audience get younger — so must the face of the institution. As what is presented becomes more innovative, so must the way in which it is presented.

BAM’s new facility is smaller and more intimate, getting audiences closer than ever to the performance  — and in some cases, part of the performance, as the space is completely flexible — pushing the boundaries between performer and spectator.

I took the idea of the “close up” nature and manifested it visually through the graphic framing of photography — drawing the viewers eye closer to an image than she would normally peer. Planes of color shift and collide over the surface of the sheet, another graphic iteration of the flexible performance space.