The Party Faithful

Super Secret Happy Fun Show!

Let’s call it a “thank you” to everyone who supported us the past year.
Let’s call it a “happy birthday” to Erica — our dear friend and esteemed bass player.
Let’s call it a FREE show tonight at 9PM at Grand Victory in Williamsburg.

Anyway, if you’re in Brooklyn tonight, and you’re feeling those hump day doldrums, swing by Grand Victory to share a pint and listen to some music. Where the eff is Grand Victory? We asked the very same question. It’s the old Bruar Falls space on Grand between between Roebling and Driggs.

Our friends Color War will be performing as well. And if you were at our last show, you probably thought to yourself “what exquisite taste this DJ has. I wonder where I can hear her again?” Wonder no more. DJ Yvo will be at Grand Victory tonight, and every Wednesday night in the foreseeable future.

Come hang.

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