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Just ‘Because’

Yesterday we had the immense honor of contributing to “Beatles Complete on Ukelele,” the brainchild of visionary producer/awesome human Roger Greenwalt. We did “Because.” Why? Find out here.

Happy Monday!



Audio / Visual

So you’ve listened to our music. And you’ve seen us live (if you’re lucky). But have you listened to our music while watching miniature versions of ourselves perform on a tiny screen? No. At least not yet.

We spent last weekend building sets, styling props, adjusting lighting, fixing hair, and changing wardrobe. There was also some occasional “performing of music.” All in the name of the ancient art of music video! We were lucky enough to work with super talented video savant, Ian Jacobs — who moonlights as a guitar/vocal savant, while fronting The Wicked Tomorrow. Ian had a vision, and we felt obliged to make it happen. Look for our debut music video for “Gold Light” to be released late spring. And plan on it being your summer anthem.

All this talk of videos is making us hungry. Hungry for more videos! Who’s with us? OK! We’re gonna be shooting some live video at our next performance. And you’re invited to be part of it. It’s happening at the legendary Studio at Webster Hall. You’ve been to Webster Hall if you’re a New Yorker. But you’ve only been to the Studio at Webster Hall if you’re lucky. Consider March 3 your lucky day, my friend.

Here are some shots from our ‘Gold Light’ video shoot last weekend.


Super Secret Happy Fun Show!

Let’s call it a “thank you” to everyone who supported us the past year.
Let’s call it a “happy birthday” to Erica — our dear friend and esteemed bass player.
Let’s call it a FREE show tonight at 9PM at Grand Victory in Williamsburg.

Anyway, if you’re in Brooklyn tonight, and you’re feeling those hump day doldrums, swing by Grand Victory to share a pint and listen to some music. Where the eff is Grand Victory? We asked the very same question. It’s the old Bruar Falls space on Grand between between Roebling and Driggs.

Our friends Color War will be performing as well. And if you were at our last show, you probably thought to yourself “what exquisite taste this DJ has. I wonder where I can hear her again?” Wonder no more. DJ Yvo will be at Grand Victory tonight, and every Wednesday night in the foreseeable future.

Come hang.

What now?

Live at Pianos


It dropped.

Last week’s release show was amazing. Thanks to everyone that came out, and thanks for dealing with our constant “hype” leading up to the show. We hope we lived up to it.

If you haven’t already picked up a copy, you can now buy it in its entirety on iTunes and Amazon. Or for those short on attention span (and cash), you can preview 30-second clips for free all night long!

And thanks to our friend Jezz at Breakthru Radio, that night will live in infamy. The entire set is documented in luscious live steaming audio here.

Buy it on iTunes

Buy it at Amazon

Listen to the show live at Breakthru Radio

CD Release Show

Check the details, people. This is going to be a night not to miss. Our good friends, and Kings County brethren, The Wicked Tomorrow are opening the night. And Mean Creek, who just won Album of the Year at the Boston Music Awards, will be filling out the bill.

The night will feature DJ Yvo spinning between sets. And stick around after the show, because we’re having our own little after party right at Piano’s. And we’ll see where the night takes us for the after-after-party. (your apartment?)

Did we mention we’re giving away CD’s to the first twenty (paying) people that come through the door? Because we are. And for those less fortunate, the album will be available for $10. This is the only place to get the album before it hits iTunes and Amazon in February.

See you guys at Pianos.

Happy New Year, FREE DOWNLOAD!

Happy New Year, party people!!! To kick off the first Monday of the new year, enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD of “2013″ – a timely track from our new album! And be sure to stay tuned for CD release party details, additional preview tracks and more in the coming days and weeks. YEAH!


Gold Light to be released January 26, 2012

We’re happy to reveal the album cover for Gold Light. The record has been fully mixed, and it’s off to be mastered by Alex Thoret at Turtle Tone Studio here in New York.

This is the home stretch my friends.
Get excited. We are.

Track Order for “Gold Light”

Here it is, the track listing of our album, “Gold Light,” set to be released in early 2012.

1. Gold Light
2. Morning Star
3. China Syndrome
4. This is Love
5. 2013
6. Golden State
7. Woodboy
8. Ponte Vedra
9. Finally
10. Home

Mercury Lounge, Album Announcement

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Mercury Lounge show. It was a pretty lousy night, (weather-wise) but it was amazing to be out playing again after a nine month hiatus. Seriously, nine months… which leads us to an even bigger announcement: we’re having a baby! And it’s called “Gold Light,” our forthcoming 10-song LP.

After over a year of writing and recording we’re finally putting the finishing touches on the album. Chris McLaughlin is mixing it at 1867 Recording Studio up in Boston. We also recorded three tracks from the album at 1867: “Morning Star,” “China Syndrome,” and “Home.”

Stay tuned for more info on the album.

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