Next Wave 2014

The proposed identity for the 2014 Next Wave Festival is about taking BAM’s history and not using it as a crutch, but leveraging it to sell the future. We need to shed this 150 year-old institutional skin and reclaim the seat as the forward thinking institution of tomorrow. And we can do it, because the credibility has been established. Maybe a subtle nod to the past from time to time — but we no longer need to shove history down their throats.

This festival is a New York institution. This is why people live in New York. For access to art that only Next Wave brings. This festival. BAM. It’s why people come to Brooklyn. It’s really a lifestyle: BAM as the lifestyle brand. From the young artist walking over from Clinton Hill to the cultural omnivore taking his car from the Upper East Side. We need to appeal to both.

Duality in audience and duality in design. The solution presented, though it may have started with duality — is the most unified concept BAM has seen to date. The decisions presented are not made lightly. It’s not simply a question of aesthetics, though style does play heavily — but each choice, each word, color, motion, is carefully considered and rooted in strategic systems-thinking.